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When you hear music you can see the colors of the notes painting a picture - capturing a moment, a store - for me - the keys are stronger than the pen.

Born in the Czech Republic, I grew up in a large family of adopted children.  Our mother surrounded us with music and arts.  As I grew older - in spite of having studied law - I gravitated to performance.  First as an actor - and then to music.   I started by simply sitting down in front of a piano much as a child picks up crayons.  I couldn't put them down.


Later I was accepted to the Prague Conservatory of music where I worked on technique and music theory.  However, I always returned to my coloring roots of composition.


For me, music is expression.  I can tell you more about myself and describe others better through the keys than with a pen.  It is as painting - each note is a different color.  I hear the colors as I play.


Passion for me is telling  a story through music - about the people I meet, experiences in life, and stories I come across.  Each tone, note, and pause conveys meanings that bring joy to others.



Piano is my voice -  it's  the way I open up to everyone and everything.  Music lets us not forget who we are, to stand and listen - breathe and live.

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